Smarter Growth & Sustainable Communities:

Washington County continues to grow we have to promote better growth practices and sustainable communities — communities where residents have access to safe routes to school and work, affordable housing, and access to community resources. We can do better for ALL of Washington County.

What has Greg accomplished as OUR County Commissioner?

  • Greg has pushed to foster new housing in areas that can most benefit from redevelopment, such as vacant business complexes.  This allows the new residents easy access to infrastructure like transportation, shopping, and employment opportunities.
  • Greg has expanded construction of middle class homes for working families by supporting public-private partnerships.
  • Greg supported small expansions of the urban growth boundary, minimizing the need for new infrastructure and preserving both farmland and open space.

Building Healthy Neighborhoods:

Healthy neighborhoods have safe routes to walk and bike, open spaces for residents to enjoy, and access to services like libraries, public transit, and local merchants. It’s our job to address delayed sidewalk and road infrastructure to make existing communities safer, and to help plan vibrant future communities.

What has Greg accomplished as OUR County Commissioner?

  • Greg identified funding for Park maintenance, new green spaces, and creative urban forestry management initiatives. Greg worked with Metro’s green space program and the county to find matching funds to purchase park lands.
  • Greg works for county investment in public spaces. He pushed for acquisition of North Bethany park land for the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District.
  • Greg supported the County working to provide an interconnected trail system, bringing together commercial and residential areas, schools, and parks with safe access for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Greg fought to create safe pedestrian crossings at a number of busy intersections including: Bethany Blvd., Springville Rd., Kaiser Rd., Evergreen Blvd., and 185th Ave. 
  • Greg worked with the West Haven neighborhood to ensure a decades old trail to the Sunset Transit Center could continue to be used.
  • Greg has consistently stood in support of our public libraries.

Congestion Relief:

We have all experienced it.  Congestion issues in Washington County have grown exponentially.  It is time we look for new solutions to the same old problems.  Our infrastructure must be a top priority for our county.

What has Greg accomplished as OUR County Commissioner?

  • Greg has worked to improve the Hwy 26 off-ramp at Cedar Hills Blvd. to safely allow left turns. 
  • Greg worked on plans for the widening of Thompson Rd. with the urbanization of West Bonny Slope and fixing the Saltzman dogleg. 
  • Greg has also worked to widen Walker Rd. between Highway 217 and Arbor Glen.
  • Malinowski fought for residents living in the unincorporated portions of the County to ensure they received their fair share of the Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP). Malinowski has insisted that these transportation funds be used as originally intended: to help routes in existing neighborhoods be improved to handle growing traffic flows in those areas.  
  • Greg regularly attends and supports the efforts of Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee (URMDAC) to close sidewalk gaps and create safe routes to schools.

Promoting Job Growth

Greg knows that small businesses are the backbone of Washington County’s economy. He pushed for county activities to promote the location and expansion of small businesses in unincorporated Washington County.  

What has Greg accomplished as OUR County Commissioner?

  • Streamlined permitting processes for small business owners planning to expand their operations.
  • Reached out to small business owners to determine their needs and best ways to grow their businesses.
  • After the voters of Washington County approved legalizing the use of cannabis, Greg worked with the other commissioners to provide reasonable regulations for the growth, manufacturing and distribution of medical and recreational cannabis.

Making Public Education & Our Children A Priority

Greg is committed to ensuring Washington County supplies the resources our children need to be safe in their communities and succeed in our classrooms.

What has Greg accomplished as OUR County Commissioner?

  • Greg was a strong proponent for the Beaverton School Bond to address needed repairs; help modernize and renovate facilities; improve safety; and replace outdated learning technology, and equipment. It is also supporting the construction of two new elementary schools and a high school.
  • In 2013, Greg ensured sidewalks were put in at West Tualatin View Elementary as well as sidewalks in Cedar Mill on Cornell and 119th, in Cedar Hills near Fairmont and along Kaiser Road, to make it safe for children to cross roads and walk to school.
  • Greg believes that Gain Share funds (tax revenue from income taxes of new employees hired by businesses who benefited from property tax breaks) should go directly to schools, health services, transportation improvements and other county services.

Ensuring Government Stands Up For Us

In this day and age, Greg understands our Government must stand up for the Rights of our people, especially those communities that are most at risk.  This is why Greg has become known as a champion for all people of Washington County, not just well connected.

What has Greg accomplished as OUR County Commissioner?

  • When white supremacists tried to pass out literature at County meetings, Greg stood up to oppose their hate and any suggestion that the County endorsed it.
  • Greg has continuously supported the rights of all women to receive quality health education, care, and family planning choices.  He encourages the expansion of coordinated care organizations to provide a basic level of care for all women. Women must have the right to make choices as a private matter and not public policy.
  • Malinowski has supported the enhancement of the Veterans and County Health Services.  This year, the county opened a walk-in mental health crisis center (Hawthorne Center) on the MAX light rail system for easy access to all members of the community. 
  • Greg has strongly supported affordable housing for Veterans, expanding housing options through public-private partnerships.  Several projects are now under construction.
  • Greg has consistently, and now successfully, called on the Board of County Commissioners to provide a statement of the legal and civil rights of all residents who peaceably live and work in Washington County.
  • Greg stands with the Sheriff in support of Oregon state law and Washington County ordinances in encouraging non-citizen residents to report crime without fear of reprisal.  He believes continued dialogue and support for our non-citizen residents is a key way bring all residents of the county together.