A lifelong resident of the Washington County area, Commissioner Greg Malinowski is committed to working on behalf of all its residents. As our Commissioner, Greg seeks to help residents determine their own future with a more transparent, accessible government that works for them, not just the wealthy and well connected.


Growing up on a local farm that straddled the Washington and Multnomah county line, Greg learned from an early age the importance of hard work and protecting the natural environment. Greg has time and again brought these values to Washington County’s Commission. It guides his work to ensure that as Washington County moves forward – growth does not disrupt the Communities we love and economic opportunity benefits us all.

With the family farm located on the edge of the urban growth boundary, Greg has worked for decades on how best to protect our land and water as our communities grow. He has pushed for smarter growth that does not hurt our local farmers or destroy the natural spaces that make Washington County special.

Over his career, Greg has shown his understanding of the balance between the old and new sectors of Washington County’s economy. Greg and Jonella, his wife of 38 years, live on a 60-acre farm in Bethany. The farm has been in the Malinowski family for over 75 years, focusing on hay and cattle production. For over 35 years the Malinowski family has raised cattle using organic methods. Greg also spent 30 years in high-tech manufacturing & quality control at Tektronix and Merix, seeing first hand how Washington County’s economy has changed.

These decades of experience combined with his continued involvement in the community have shaped Greg’s view of the need for efficient government that looks out for the welfare of its people. It is why Greg is known for his support of our small businesses – consistently working to help local entrepreneurs succeed. And it is why Greg is committed to helping create good jobs in Washington County, the type of jobs that can support our families and create needed revenue for our schools, roads, green spaces, and our public safety agencies.

Greg and Jonella regularly operate a booth at the Cedar Mill Farmers’ Market selling products from their farm – giving Greg the opportunity to speak with members of the community about their vision of the County’s future. Greg cherishes these opportunities to be involved in the community, consistently reminding him of the privilege it is to represent the people of Washington County.

Greg and Jonella still live on their farm. Greg and his family are active in their church on a weekly basis, where Greg participated in setting up a cold-weather warming center, taught kindergarten, and has volunteered to serve on several committees.